Laine's Alcaidesa Newsletter - 07.11.2007

Once again the month has gone and Christmas is getting ever nearer. I have already started to get a few bits and pieces, how organised am I!
I have as usual read all the local newspapers and magazines and again not a lot to report. Anyway I shall let you know what’s been going on.


Grand Opening of the New Golf Club

We went to the Grand Opening of the New Golf Club and that was a wonderful evening. The food was superb, music, rather the band was great and the firework display was out of this world. In fact the Golf Club did us proud and everybody that went had a fantastic time.




There was also a report about the new Golf Club in the El Periodico de Sotogrande (newspaper) which outlined the fact that golf continues to be one of the biggest attractions for tourism in Sotogrande and the surrounding areas. Their comment about our Golf Club is as follows:-

“A modern clubhouse has been built adjoining the Links and Heathland Golf Courses, providing the resort with facilities of the highest standard. The residential complex is immersed in a fast construction process which in a very short space of time will make it one of the best destinations on the coast.”

This sounds good to me.


Malaga Airport

Malaga is one of three airports in Spain to get the largest share of funding for 2008. I thought they were about to finish work on the airport but not so, apparently the 360 million euros budgeted for Malaga Airport next year will be spent on 26 projects. This work is to include a second runway, a new terminal and a new northern access. So Malaga Airport will still be in chaos for the next couple of years!


Ikea Furniture Store

It is now here and open, yes it is Ikea and would you believe it there were twenty minute queues to get in. Thirty police officers were needed to control the traffic on the road near Gudalmar when Ikea opened and by 11.00 the 2,500 parking spaces were full. 36 Ikea staff were needed to redirect the customers to a different allocated parking lot.


Spanish Wine

I also read an article on Wine Bottle Labels and found this interesting and thought you would maybe like to take a look!

Some obvious Key Words: -
Blanco – White, Cava – Sparkling, Claretes – Light Red, Rosado – Rose, Tinto – Red

Label Notes:-
Do – Designation of origin denoting high quality
Vino de Mesa – Table Wine
Gran Reserva – Best Vintages, aged at least two years in oak and three years in the bottle
Reserva – Aged at least one year in oak and two years in the bottle
Crianza – Aged between six and twelve months in oak
Sin Crianza – Aged for less than one year in oak (or not at all).

Labels also bear the name of the winery (bodega), the appellation of origin, the vintage year and the alcohol content.


New Developments

On a different subject, last month I received an email from someone out there who commented that I did not show any pictures of his development. If you require any information about your development or wish to contact other people that have purchased in your area please just drop me a line.


Spanish Law

Lastly to finish with I have been following a Court Case here in Spain about a 17 year old Mother. This mother lives in Seville and has a 6 month old daughter who is suffering from a life-threatening liver condition. The child urgently needs a liver transplant but no donator has been found and as the mother is under 18 years old cannot help her own daughter. Despite Spanish Law dictating the organ donors must be over 18, the judge in the case used a legal loophole in the law, which allows the judge to take the responsibility not allowed to a minor. The minor who turns 18 in five months, will be able to donate part of her organ if her daughter’s condition gets worse and a donor doesn’t come forward. Her lawyer has said the case will set a precedent but to me this just shows a mothers love for her child!


Well folks that is about it nothing more to tell you, ok maybe I have forgotten about the Volvo Masters! I think that everybody that came to watch enjoyed the event. It was a very exciting finish but I am really pleased that Justin Rose won. I was there myself and enjoyed watching, even though not too interest in golf, the course is lovely and the atmosphere was unbelievable.


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