Laine's Alcaidesa Newsletter - December 2008

Well, I cannot believe it; Christmas is nearly upon us, where has this year gone?
Are you all ready for Christmas? I must say I am not quite there yet, still getting ready for the arrival of my family from England. My six month old, youngest grandchild is spending her first Christmas here in Spain and I am so excited, can’t wait to get my hands on her.

What have I been reading this month in the local paper, nothing really outstanding but I will tell you about some of the articles.


Malaga Airport

Malaga Airport handled 2.3 million British and Irish travellers in the first nine months of this year. That is a 1.4 per cent increase on last year’s number.


Bridge over the Straits of Gibraltar

Can you believe it, a bridge across the Straits of Gibraltar has now become a step nearer after a viability study for a tunnel came back negative.
The bridge would go from Tarifa to Tangier, would be a nine mile bridge, 24 lanes wide, all contacted to a floating island in the middle.
Apparently two clay sections under the sea make it very difficult for a tunnel to be built. However, this would be very expensive and would add another billion Euros to the bill which already stands at around 3.4 billion Euros. Let’s see what happens and if this bridge will ever be started!

Talking about Gibraltar, they had a thick coating of ice last month. Some people even built snowmen before the ice melted. It did cause a few problems for people living at the top of any hills; apparently they had a hard time getting their cars home.


Parking at the Gibraltar Boarder

La Linea’s local authorities held a meeting about the parking problems, well the lack of parking spaces at the Boarder. They are going to firstly approach the Algeciras Port Authority because they own the waste land adjacent to the Customs Office.
It has already been suggested that they take some of the parking area from the sports complex and use this but nothing has been decided.



Skiing has already started its season in the Sierra Nevada thanks to the large snow fall. Some 33 kilometres of pistes were available and the Restaurant and Kiosk have also opened.


Traffic Light Disaster

A traffic light collapsed in Malaga’s Calle Cataluña on Friday causing damage to a couple of vehicles. It toppled over onto a motorbike and a car when the post holding the lights snapped at the base. What real interest is that you may well ask, well it is the reason for the collapse. The base had become corroded and that is due to dogs, yes, dogs, the urine from local dogs caused the base to rot.


Heavenly Noises

A church in Malaga which is underneath a block of apartments has been closed by the City Hall because of complaints about noisy singing.


Goodbye to the Queen

Something I did do was to say goodbye to the Queen Elizabeth 2.
About 8 of us went on a boat trip with drinks and nibbles. It was really nice to get so close to the Great Lady, it was a lovely day and well worth the trip.
One of the people with us was my mother-in-law, she was on about the boat leaving from Southampton (we are Dorset Folk), so I booked the trip as a surprise and she loved every minute of it.



Zoo in Japan

Something that I read that did make me laugh was about a zoo in Japan. They were puzzled why they could not get the two polar bears to mate. Well, they decided to get both of them check to see if they had any problems and they did because both of them are female.


Ending with the subject of Christmas

On Spanish New Years Eve, Spaniards normally gather for the countdown with friends and family with 12 grapes, one for each chine at midnight. They believe this will bring them good luck for the coming New Year. This tradition is not as old or romantic or even spiritual as one might imagine. It actually comes from Alicante in about 1909 where Grape growers thought this up to help use up some of the surplus grapes they had!!

Now that just leaves me with Wishing Everybody a really Happy Christmas and a Good New Year.

Bye for now,

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