Laine's Alcaidesa Newsletter - February 2011

Hello Everyone

What’s been happening this past month? Well here’s a few of the articles I have been reading about.


Weather Report for 2010

The wettest year since records began in 1942, to be honest I think most of us realised that already.
Malaga’s average rain full for a year is roughly 540 litres but last year we were talking 1200 litres per square metre.
Behind 2010 is the year 1962 and that was roughly 1160 litres and in case you are interested, December 19th 2010 was the wettest day recorded.

How hot was it? Well the average temperature was 18.9 degrees and that is 0.7 of a degree more then the average since 1942.
The hottest month was August with an average of 27.2 degrees and this broke records for the number of hottest days without a break.


Smoking Ban

I have been reading that Bars and Hotels have already let go between 11% and 60% of there staff. They are saying people stay at home so they can smoke!
I am not a smoker but the friends I have are still coming out with us, just not smoking inside. Even the Tapas Bars in La Linea are still full with Spanish customers at the weekends. To tell you the truth I think more people are talking to each other because they end up outside together smoking!!


Trouble in Egypt and Tunisia

It’s strange how things work, with all the unrest in these countries it’s led to an increase in holiday bookings on the Costa del Sol.
Online bookings have already increased between 30% and 40% for this spring and summer.

That leads onto Spain being named best for nightlife and most family friendly in Skyscanner’s Global Travel Awards for 2011.
Spain remains the most popular holiday destination for British tourist with Italy also doing very well by being named the Most Romantic Country.


BA joins Iberia

The multi-million pound merger between British Airways and Iberia has been completed. This merger has created the second biggest Airline in the world. The name of this new airline is International Airline Group better known as IAG but I don’t think this will make much difference to any of their flights as they are retaining their current operations and individual brands.
Lufthansa, Germany’s Airline remains the biggest in terms of Market capitalisation.


Coin Warning

Apparently there is a Turkish coin which is almost identical to the two euro coin but is only actually worth around 40 cents. However, on saying that it has no face value in europe, so watch your change.


Everything feels the Recession

Well, I’ve heard it all now, would you believe the Barbary Apes on the Rock of Gibraltar are feeling the recession. Apparently fewer tourists are visiting the Rock, mainly the Apes, so they are not receiving all the goodies they used to get from the taxi drivers and tourists. They are now coming into the town to look for treats and people have seen them in the Main High Street. This sounds fun but to be honest in 2008 Gibraltar was forced to Cull the Apes because this became a problem.
Hopefully the tourist will be back this summer and the Apes will stay at the top of the rock.


The Wedding

The Wedding, yes that wedding will be a good topic of conversation most of this spring.
Prince William and Kate have begun sending out the invitations. The King and Queen of Spain have already received theirs by fax. Apparently all royalty get a fax as soon as possible to ensure they are available on that date. (29th April). They will also receive an official gold embossed invitation which will be sent out next month to the 1,800 guests.
I imagine that will be when I receive mine!!!


A couple of nice things to end with.

Kissing Contest

Well, I thought this was sweet!!

Couples over 60 years old that is, who have a real passion for kissing or smooching have a good chance on winning 1,000 euros. This is in a kissing contest being held on the 23rd February in Terremolinos.
I'm far too young to enter!!!!


Little Girls Can Talk!!

This is great, unless this is your little girl!! Apparently a seven year old girl has run up a telephone bill of 700 euros. Her mother had no idea until she received a summons for the non payment of the bill.
I know I can talk on the phone but I might struggle to run up a bill that large.


New Supermarket in Alcaidesa

Watch this space. More details next month.


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