Laine's Alcaidesa Newsletter - January / February 2010

Hello Everyone
Christmas seems ages ago and we are well into the New Year, maybe a little on the late side but Happy New Year to you all.
We have had the worst winter for some 50 odd years, rain, rain and even more rain. I cannot wait for the sun and blue skies to come back, we seem to have a couple of good days and then we are back to the rain and wind. Roll on Summer!!

It is extremely quite here at the moment but once again hopefully when the weather changes people will start to get out and about. Cannot blame them for staying in, keeping warm and if like me trying to lose the weight I put on at Christmas.

What have I been reading about, well, nothing much but here goes!!


The Big Moon

Actually, this was really lovely to look at, the biggest moon for 133 years. There was a full moon on Saturday 30th January and apparently not a good time to have any Werewolves living near by. However, it is a fact that nobody alive today would have ever seen this event and will not see it again.


Weather Damage

I know I said the weather has been really bad but would you believe that the amount of damage it has coursed is around the 102 million euro mark.
The damage includes such things as, flights cancelled, property damage, vehicles, and a huge amount of damage to crops etc., in the area.

Sadly human life has also been lost; three mountaineers lost their lives in the Pyrenees due to an avalanche.

The only good thing that comes out of all this is that the reservoirs are at their highest levels since the 1990s.


Algeciras Port

The Bahia de Algeciras Port has again ended the year as Spain’s top port, having the most traffic of goods.
Container traffic exceeded three million making the financial result of 83 million Euros.


Bomb Alert

The Gedex bomb disposal unit, Guardia Civil in Algeciras exploded a 35mm long mortar grenade dating back to the Civil War. Apparently such finds are quite common and the Guardia Civil have warned that these do not deteriorate because TNT is used in these grenades and that makes them extremely dangerous.


Car Auction

A car collection belonging to an Andalusian Industrialist was put in a Paris auction at the end of January. There were actually 99 cars and 50 pieces of automobilia. This collection included five Hispano-Suiza cars with elegant coach build bodies, Bentleys, Lagonda, Horch 853A and a Cadillac V16 Double Phaeton convertible. However, the car to buy was none of these as the one everybody wanted was a 1932 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza estimated at more than a million euro’s.
I myself was getting ready for the auction to buy the Alfa Romeo when I suddenly thought, I have no garage, what’s the point!!


Beach Bars

I am pleased to say that nine out of ten beach bars can stay on the sand.

It has taken months of discussion to decide whether the Costa del Sol’s ‘chiringuitos’ can stay on the beaches. This all stated with the Central Government Coast Law’s which prohibits any structure on the beaches that is not strictly connected to beach activities.
I am pleased because it would be sad to see them disappear.


Don’t Feed the Pigeons

If you remember the film Mary Poppins you will remember the Bird Lady on the steps of St Paul’s selling food for tuppence a bag. Well, if you see someone offering to sell you the food in Malaga doesn’t buy it because some poor local lady has been fined 3,756 Euros for feeding the pigeons.


Boys and Their Toys

A light hearted story to end on.

This I seem to find brings a smile to my face but unfortunately poor Ian, my neighbour does not find it so!!

Lucky Ian received a remote control Helicopter for Christmas from his wife and he was extremely happy with his gift. Ian is a grown man but like all men the little boy lurks inside. He just wanted to get out and play with his new toy even thought his wife had warned him that this was really not the weather to take it outside the house. Mother-in-law was also staying over Christmas and when seeing Ian getting on his coat, picking up his new toy and heading for the front door tried her best to stop him and told him ‘this will only end in tears’

Off Ian went new toy under arm followed by wife and mother-in-law to watch him. The helicopter starts to rise under Ian’s control, up it goes, higher and higher. Ian’s happy little face begins to change to one of fear, is he really controlling his helicopter or is it the wind? Higher and higher over the roof tops it goes and sadly that is the last Ian saw of his lovely Christmas Present.

Ian almost in tears knocked at my door asking if I had seen or found his helicopter. Sadly, I had not seen it or nor had any of the other neighbours. So anybody out there that might have found a RED HELICOPTER please let me know.

It would be lovely to put a smile back on Ian’s face. As his wife warned him and because it was his own fault, she won’t buy him another!!

Moral of this story always listen to you wife and mother-in-law.

Until next time,

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