Laine's Alcaidesa Newsletter - June 2008

Hello again,

At last the summer is here, blue sky, hot, sunny and there was loads of people on the beach this weekend. I hope it is here to stay now.


New Bar in Alcaidesa - Update

The new bar in the old square of Alcaidesa will be open in about two weeks.
I will let you know more about this in the next newsletter. Will get some photos of the bar and find out what food they intend on serving.


Alcaidesa Gets Blue Flag

On May 28th the Foundation for Environmental Education made the granting of the awards to the Blue Flag 2008 public. I am proud to say Alcaidesa receive the award of the Blue Flag. What does a Blue Flag actually mean, well – the presence of the flag on a beach acknowledges the efforts of local communities to ensure that the beach meets certain criteria in terms of legality, accessibility, public health, cleanliness and safety, as well as providing adequate environmental information and management.

Did you know the Blue Flag campaign takes place annually in over 40 countries in four continents. So we must do quite well in the long run to achieve this - well done Alcaidesa.


Bonfire on the Beach

Staying on the theme of beaches if you are here on the 23rd June then that’s the night of the Bonfires on the beaches. This occurs to all beaches along the coast and is to ward of bad omens. They are already building the bonfire on the beach in Alcaidesa.


La Linea’s Hospital gets the final go ahead

After many months of delays the project for a new National Health Hospital in La Linea now seems to be moving ahead. The Hospital has been under discussions since 2005 and will be completed around 2010. This Hospital will be serving the neighbouring towns of San Roque, Castellar and Jimena and there are around 130,000 people in the zone.


Volvo Masters

The Volvo Masters increases its first prize to a Million Dollars.

The winner of the 21st Volvo Masters 2008, to be held at Valderrama from October 30th – November 2, will receive a cheque to the value of 708,000 euros and will be the first champion to break the million dollar barrier in the history of the tournament.
Sadly, although there has been no official announcement, it still looks like this is going to be the last Volvo Masters to be held at Valderrama.
If you intend coming, book your accommodation early.


Meeting People to Play Golf

Talking about golf, I have had quite a few of the people we work with asking about golfing partners. When they come to play they are sometimes the only golf player in the family and would really like a partner to have around with. So if you have booked a trip to play golf in Alcaidesa and would like someone to play with let me know and I will check if anyone else at that time is looking for a partner.

Myself I do not play golf but the Alcaidesa Golf Club have just invited me to the Andalusian Golf Tournament of Professionals to be held 23rd June – 27th June at the Alcaidesa Golf Club.


As usual I will finish on a couple of things that made me smile when reading through the local papers.

A butcher from Ponteverdra has won almost 1.5 million euros in the Primitiva lottery. He says that he has always chosen the same numbers at a bar in his hometown of La Canizq. Would you believe what he is going to do with his money? He’s closing the butcher’s shop, giving away all his stock and will spend his time looking after his two oxen, which he claims to love as if they were his children- Lucky Oxen!!

A Lady was walking through a shopping centre when she saw her friend and stopped to have a chat; however, this was not her friend but a complete stranger.
They decided to meet up again with her friend and would you believe it, her friend and the stranger are actually twins! An error at a hospital in Las Palmas meant their parents had been given a different baby by mistake.

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