Laine's Alcaidesa Newsletter - May 2008

Hello Everybody

I don’t know, Spain, well Alcaidesa seems very quite at the moment, sales are happening and people are coming but so slowly. I think we could really do with a few more Bars / Restaurants here to entice more people and of course for our use as well.


The Dragonfly Restaurant

The owner of the Dragonfly intends to shut for a couple of weeks, knock into the Supermarket new door (which he also owns) and extend his Bar. He has told us this is going to have an Irish Pub Theme, including a Billiard Table. There will still be a very small Supermarket just to pick up bread, milk etc. However, if he does not hurry up and start the work; I cannot see this happening this year! The summer season is fast approaching and I cannot see him shutting down in his peak time.

Also, where the RMI Estate Agents Office was, we are having another little Café-come Bar, don’t know much about this at the moment but I will have to get the new owner to tell us her intentions about food etc. It is something we really need here and I hope it will open soon but there is still a lot of work to be done.


Monarch to Relaunch Gibraltar to Manchester Route

The budget airline Monarch will relaunch flights between Gibraltar and Manchester as from September. The airline already flies from the Rock to London Luton but cancelled the Manchester route in July 2006 switching instead to Jerez. However it also cancelled the Jerez services earlier this year and now is set to return to Gibraltar. This news will be welcomed by hotels in Gibraltar who keenly felt the loss of the North of England traffic. Monarch caused widespread anger with the withdrawal of these flights but blamed the high landing costs at the Rock's airfield. The Gibraltar government later stepped in to take control of the charges at the airport and recently announced they would be slashed by 70 per cent. Tickets for the Manchester service are now on sale starting at 48 pounds one way including all taxes and charges. Round-trip services on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will start from September 12. Liz Savage, managing director of Monarch's scheduled division said: "We are delighted to be bringing direct services to Gibraltar back to the Northwest which will operate in addition to our ongoing services from Luton. She added: "Gibraltar provides an ideal gateway to both the Rock plus the many holiday hotspots in Southern Spain. Gibraltar’s government naturally welcomed the news. The minister for transport, Joe Holliday, stated: "I am pleased to see that the government's recently announced new business model for the airport is starting to produce positive results, so soon after its announcement. The reintroduction by Monarch Scheduled of direct flights between Gibraltar and Manchester reopens both business and tourism links with an important catchment area outside the London region in UK.“

This is good news for us in Alcaidesa. I myself wish we had cheap flights from Bournemouth to Gibraltar that would make my life a lot easier!


Beach Season to begin on June 15

If you do not know the beach season here is from June 15th – September 15th.
The Public Works and Services department is already preparing for the summer season on the municipality’s beaches. As from the 15th June bathers will benefit from all the services they need to enjoy a day in the sun. Last year the municipality achieved three blue flags and yes Alcaidesa was one of them. At the moment they have applied for these Flags again and have already passed the Spanish Test and are currently subject to the requirements of the European Judges.


Odyssey’s Treasure

Something I find rather interesting is the Odyssey and its Treasure do you know they are now saying the treasure could have come from a Pirate Ship. The Odyssey is saying that the treasure comes from the Pirate Ship that is documented to have been lost around the area and coincides with the dates on the coins. However, the Spanish are having none of this and are still saying is comes from the Mercedes y las Animas which I believe was a Spanish Man of War but I bet someone will let me know if that is wrong.


Torremolinos to Install Cooking Oil Bins.

Torremolinos Mayor Pedro Fernandez signed an agreement with Regrasol Company for the installation of bins with a capacity of 25 and 50 litres around the town to collect used cooking oil which will then be converted into bio diesel. Torremolinos was the first town along the Costa to install these bins and whilst I think it is a great idea will people really use them or just keep pouring the old Oil down the sink which eventually ends up in the sea.


The BBC Visits Alcaidesa

I don’t know if you saw the BBC report on the telly on Wednesday but why are they so against Spain.
Brian Hanrahan interviewed several people in Alcaidesa including developers, their positive comments regarding property in Alcaidesa were left on the cutting room floor.
The filming was done here in Alcaidesa but I sure that the poor unfortunate lady interviewed is not in Alcaidesa.
Anyway if you missed the report you can see it on the following web-link:

BBC Report


Well, as usual I will finish on something I have found amusing and this is a really good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Housework Improves Mental Health

I read this in the local paper –

University College London researchers have said that working up a sweat while performing household chores not only makes your home cleaner but improves your mental health as well. That is very interesting, at least for me because that means my own mental health is at a peak and must be around 100%. That just leaves my hubby and his mental health, well I have to inform you that it is very, very poor and sadly it is deteriorating with each day that passes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder who has the best mental health in your family?


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