Laine's Alcaidesa Newsletter - October / November 2008

Hello Everybody

Well, would you believe it; I have had several complaints saying that I am not writing the newsletter. I thought that maybe people didn’t actually read it but apparently you lot out there do read it and even, so I am told, look forward to it.
Some very strange people out there but due to popular demand I am going to carry on with the monthly newsletters.


The New Marina

The new Marina has now been started and Alcaidesa (the Company) has made an investment of 40 million euros. The boats can measure up to 50 metres for the moorings and they are building as close to the town of La Linea as possible. I think this is a great venture and anything that boasts the town of La Linea and surrounding area helps us in Alcaidesa.




Ryanair has launched four new routes between Malaga and the UK, these are London Stansted, Prestwick in Scotland, Birmingham and Edinburgh. So far 5,000 seats on the Glasgow route have been sold, 6,000 on the Stansted, 5,500 on the Edinburgh and 13,000 on the Birmingham route. Birmingham people must really enjoy coming to Spain or maybe because this is the one operating everyday!


La Linea Hospital

The Andalusian Health Service ended last Sept. 24 the deadline for submission of tenders for the construction of the future Hospital of La Linea de la Concepcion, a project in which the Andalusian Government will invest 48.6 billion Euros. In total, fifteen have submitted bids.
The building will have a surface area of 32,000 square meters and will be located in the area known as Ronda Norte, providing a service to around 100,000 residents in Jimena de la Frontera, Castellar, La Linea and San Roque. It will have four floors, 234 rooms, nine operating theatres, 19 examination rooms, 48 out-patients surgeries and 8 emergency surgeries.
I think the old La Linea Hospital does a really good job but is a little on the old side, so this new hospital will be most welcome.

Talking about Hospital’s Seville has had the first genetically selected baby born to save his brother’s life. Javier weighing 3.4 kilos looks like any other newborn on the maternity ward but it is hoped he will be able to save the life of his six year old brother.
Andres (6) suffers from Beta Thalassemia (severe form of amaemia) and needs the Stem Cells from the umbilical cord of Javier which will be used to do a bone marrow transport. I wish the family good luck and hope Javier can give his older brother the prospect of a long and healthy life.


New Valderrama Golf Course

The new Valderrama Course that people have talked about for ages has now become a reality. It has actually been in the planning stage for the past ten years and has now been given final approval by the Provincial Town Planning Committee.
The project to be built in Castellar de la Frontera is intended to make the new Valderrama, one of the best golf courses in Europe.
This major project began his real journey in 2007 when the founding president of the Club de Golf Valderrama, Jaime Ortiz Patino, and the CEO of Valderrama Estates, Felipe Ortiz Patino surrendered the Special Plan de la Cierva and Guillena in the municipality of Castellar. A year later, the municipal corporation had approved the provisional on the project, voted against the opposition. Since the Government Team has met with the approval of the Roads Service, Agency Andalusian Water and Environment.
Finca La Castellarense Guillena and La Cierva, which adjoins the end of San Roque and Finca La Alcaidesa, were acquired in 1998 by Valderrama Estates. It has 216 hectares for the definition of an 18-hole golf course and, within them, in the urban plan 12 hectares are classified as urban for the construction of a club house and 200 apartment units.

That brings me to the Volvo’s Masters well what a wash out that was! I feel so sorry for the people that made the trip to see the Masters and got really very wet, wet and wet.
However, I am sure that if you did manage to see some of the golf you enjoyed it but not the end of the Volvo Masters Spain would have liked.


World Volvo Match Play

The 21st Volvo Masters, hosted by the legendary Valderrama Golf Course, has brought an Era to an end and turned the page to a new chapter in the story of the European Circuit,now to be called the “Race to Dubai”.
In addition, the World Volvo Match Play competition will keep world golf’s attention focussed on Spain with Finca Cortesin, in Casares, as its venue in forthcoming years.
Fortunately for Spanish Golf, the stars will not go far and the end of the Volvo Masters at Valderrama does not mean farewell to the best in continental golf.
Because, on top of the established Andalusian Open, the Spanish Open, the Madrid Masters and the Castello Masters, the big reward will come in less than a year to a course close to Valderrrama.
Finca Cortesin, in Casares, takes over from the Masters and in 2009 will host the Volvo World Match Play Championships, thanks to the three-year agreement reached between the Swedish Auto Manufacturer and IMG, a leading firm in sports event organisation.

The World Championship will involve 16 of the best golfers in the world from the five continents, who will fight to clinch a title with over 44 years of history.
They will also be in the hunt for a purse of 3,250.000 Euros, of which the winner will pocket almost 800.000.

Per Ercisson, chairman and chief executive of Volvo Event Management, said during the presentation of the last Volvo Masters at Valderrama that “Volvo is honoured to have been the driving force in the enormous strides taken by European golf over a generation and the inaugural Volvo World Match Play Championship will be our 113th title sponsorship”.

“The Race to Dubai” changed not only the commercial landscape of European golf but also encouraged us to review our strategy. We are convinced that the successful partnership between Volvo, IMG and Finca Coresin will benefit this prestigious tournament, which from now on will involved players from all five continents, fitting perfectly with our company values: safety , quality and environmental care”, he added.

Javier Reveriego, the Finca Cortesin manager, said that “it is a great honour for us to have been chosen to host the Volvo World Match Play Championship, and even more so to provide the venue for a great tournament which visits Andalusia for the first time. Joining forces with a company that has done so much for golf, Volvo, and a company with organisational experience of IMG, means a great deal to us”.

The golfers that will be present in the World Championship include the South African Ernie Els, who has already qualified as the title defender.

Els will be joined by the leading players from the Europe, Africa / Middle East, United States, Latin America, Asia and Australasian regions, the top four players in the World Rankings, the top four players in the Race to Dubai and the champion of the Volvo Open in China.

The competition format stipulates that the 16 players that qualify will be divided into four groups based on the World Rankings; each player will face the other golfers in his group in a complete round of 18 holes. Points will be awarded on the basis of a win, tie or loss. The leader of each group will qualify for the semi-finals.


Solar Energy Plant

San Roque's new solar energy plant was inaugurated last month. The plant, situated at Guadarranque, covers an area of 37 hectares and comprises of 123 solar 'orchards' each comprising of 550 panels, and is expected to generate 24 Gwh per annum, equivalent to the energy requirements of 25,000 consumers, or 65% of the population of San Roque.
The plant is the largest in Andalucia and one of the largest in Spain and there are expansion plans already in place, which will provide for the future energy needs of local industry and domestic users.
The Mayor of San Roque, José Vázquez, stated that this was one of the most important developments in San Roque's industrial landscape since the opening of the refinery in the 1960s and Sevillana's central terminal shortly afterwards, making the municipality and important part of the country's energy infrastructure.
This is just one of the projects moving towards a much cleaner and efficient energy provision with others being the Biodiesel plant and the conversion of the old power station to natural gas.
The plant has been built at a cost of 90 million Euros and will provide employment for 93 workers.
The plant is connected to the San Roque substation by a 3 km 15kv line. The annual energy production is equivalent to 1,982 tones of petroleum and reduces emissions by 23,000 tones of carbon dioxide 64 tones of nitrogen dioxide, 290 tones of sulphur dioxide and 4.3 tones of particles.



A few things I read about of interest, did you know what a killing this year was made on Cork. The councillor for agriculture and farming in Ronda revealed that the revenue from the sale of cork this year amounted to 724,000 euros. This amount of Cork would need 15,000 trees growing on 294 hectares and will be used for bottle corks and wall panels.

Did you know that as from the end of October drivers will no longer have to search their glove compartments for their insurance papers if stopped by the police. The new Obligatory Car Insurance Regulation approved recently by government ministers, states that it will be up to the Guardia Civil or Police themselves to check that a vehicle has valid insurance cover. Meanwhile the Government is being asked to modify the law so that it is no longer obligatory to carry the set of spare headlamps, brake light and indicator bulbs and the correct tools to change them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh dear what are they talking about.

Something I did read that I found hard to believe, we all know dolphins are lovely things following the boats and always happy to see us when we have those dolphin trips. Well, they are actually less then perfect, experts describe them as deadly opponents who hunt in groups, prey on weaker species and fight for mates and territory. How disappointing to realise that they are not the marine mystics we like to think they are.
Instead they are like all living creatures and they have to fight for survival at the cost of others!

When I read the newspapers not everything is about Spain. One thing that took my interest was about a Lebanese woman helping her family in their restaurant. She found 26 pearls in one oyster and is hoping to enter the Guinness Book of Records. I myself today have just purchased 5 kilos of Oysters hoping to find just that one special pearl!!!!

Lastly I will finish on the subject of Alcaidesa and did you know the Golf Club is doing Dancing Lessons, yes I said Dancing Lessons. These are every Thursday, an hour a lesson at the cost of 50 euros per month. What dancing? Well that is Latin dancing and no unfortunately I am not going myself and cannot imagine my hubby even thinking about it!!

Bye for now,

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