Laine's Alcaidesa Newsletter - September 2008

Hello All

We are now well into September and I think things in Alcaidesa will begin to slow down now.
It has been a hectic couple of months, some complex’s have had their first summer season and we ourselves have had our first real summer season. It has been a learning curve for us and the property owners and one that I have enjoyed. I have met a lot of people through the summer, dealt with some odd things that have happened but all in all it was a good summer.
It was really nice meeting all of you that came to Alcaidesa. If you are reading this and enjoyed your holiday here, why not come back again next year. Even better why not think about purchasing a holiday home here in Alcaidesa!!


Tourism Up

There is one thing we have in Spain that my native England has not had this summer and that is the sunshine. We have had a very good summer and that has shown up in the record number of visitor we have had in Andalucía.
From January till July, 15 million tourists visited the region. This is actually an increase of around 2 percent on the same period last year. It has also been confirmed that Andalucía is a region, due to the tourism sector, has seen a rise in the number of people employed.


Off to France

That employment rise does not relate to all the regions. Because there is not so much construction work on the Costa del Sol at the moment, around 12,000 Spaniards head to France to work. They travel to France for the grape harvest and apparently earn good money for this.


Harleys are out

Police in Marbella, well eight of them who ride Harley Davidson Bikes, have just been told these will be replaced with Scooters. It has been said that these bikes are more in keeping with Hells Angels than Peace Keepers, whatever, but it just does not sound the same - Here comes the boys on their Harleys and - Here comes the boys on their Scooters!!


The Odyssey

Following on with the story of the La Mercedes Galleon and its Gold and Silver Treasure that the Americans raised from the seabed and immediately flew most of it to Tampa, Florida, there is now a new legal battle. This is between the Spanish Government and the Odyssey Marine Exploration owners over who owns the treasure as now apparently, 130 merchants whose cargo was being carried by La Mercedes in 1804, their heirs could now well be entitled to a portion of the treasure. I wonder if that could be any one in my family, no Spanish connection, shame.


Bullfighting Tickets

Last weekend Ronda held its world famous Goyesca Bullfight and it was a sell out.
Apparently all the hotels in the district were full and the bullfight was sold out. Tickets on the black-market were selling at 700 euros each.


A couple of different thing I read about:-

A couple face prison accused of building an illegal house on non-building land, nothing different about that you might say! Well, this couple had obtained permission to build a Tool Shed. Can you imagine, I keep my spanners in the bedroom, my hammer in the kitchen and screwdriver is in the lounge, this is really just a big garden shed!!
It is not really very funny though because the couple face prison and also the cost of tearing the house down. I think personally they should be able to keep it because you can never find a shed big enough to keep all your odds and ends in!!

Lastly what about this one - Jellyfish turned into fertiliser!

The Stinging Jellyfish that are a problem on Andalucia beaches in recent summers could be harvested and used to create Agricultural Fertiliser. After studying the Jellyfish this is one of the ideas they have come up with. Another is to market the jellyfish as food for human consumption. Apparently at least two of the species are edible and even probably a healthy thing to eat; three species would make good fertiliser.
I could end by saying jellyfish fertiliser does just not sound right but I would be better saying it just does not smell right!!!!
However, they should think of something to do with the jellyfish, did you know that in 2007 - 16,000 kilos of jellyfish were collected from the beaches.


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