Laine's Alcaidesa Newsletter - September 2009

Hello Everybody

I have been asked by so many people to continue with my newsletter, even if I write about nothing really exciting.
Apparently people who read it live local, in England, work in Gibraltar and further away in Norway and Germany. So anyway I have promised to start writing it again monthly, so here goes!!


It’s been a Busy Summer

Well the summer season is coming to an end and the children are thinking about going back to school. It has been a really busy summer for us with lots of people visiting Alcaidesa. I know they talk about a recession but they are still coming and over the last couple of weeks, looking at property to purchase. Word must have got around that there are lots of really good offers around at the moment.

This summer has seen the hottest sea in 25 years and that has had one really good effect!
The jellyfish which plague the coast have found this too warm for their liking and moved onto the Atlantic this summer, one tourist we are glad not to see!!

The Tourist Offices are being asked many questions by visitors. A survey was done in the area of Torremolinos during July and 17,000 questions were asked. The Tourist Office even took the time to find out the nationality of the tourist and the Spanish came lst, English 2nd and the French came 3rd.


La Alcaidesa Commercial Centre

Well the long awaited Commercial Centre will soon be a reality.
It’s nearing completion but the normal Town Hall bureaucracy over licences could delay it until the end of the year.

The Diursa Grupo Inmobiliario now has a Sales / Rental Office located in the New Commercial Centre. So, now anyone interested in Buying or Renting a Unit can go along and speak to the two very helpful young ladies, Nieves and Lola. Unfortunately the Rental and Sale Prices have not yet been decided upon, again depending on the Town Hall Costs.

There are 17 Units available but a new supermarket will be taking 3 or 4 (or possibly more) on the ground floor along with a Restaurant / Bar with an outside Terrace.
Again at the moment until prices are available no particular Supermarket chain has been decided upon.
There are also more units available on the 1st and 2nd floors with outside Terraces.
There are 3 Kiosks available, 2 on the ground floor terrace allocated for Takeaways and one on the 3rd floor Parking Area.
If anybody has any questions regarding Buying or Renting a Unit they can contact Nieves on 0034 608 813 824 or Lola on 0034 608 812 851.
We would also be happy to speak to them on your behalf.




The Town Hall in Ronda is doing a great job by providing the Blind with a Tourist Guide and a Map in Braille. The map was designed by Juan Manuel Medina himself also blind and was sponsored by the Tourist Office and the Unicaja Bank. It has 22 places of interest and comes with a description of them all.


Zahav Car

There is a Zahav car manufacturing plant coming to Jerez, it has been allocated the land.
The British registered multinational company is to establish its European HQ in Jerez, investing around 54 – 100 million Euros and that could create 3000 jobs.


Honest Taxi Driver

Even with all this happening and the recession a Spanish Taxi Driver found a wallet containing 60,000 Euros in the back of his taxi cab and yes he handed it over to the Police. Congratulations to the man for being so honest.


Free Ashtrays

That’s right Malaga City is giving free ashtrays to people, these are disposable ashtrays given to bathers on the beaches. Some 20,000 ashtrays have been handed out in an attempt to keep the beaches free from dog-ends


Mangos are big Business

The next thing was the crime in Spain – big business at the moment is stealing Mangos, yes Stealing Mangos!!
I would never have thought of it but apparently these are going onto the black market to be sold. Did you know some 2600 hectares of land in the area is dedicated to Mango Production, which in return generates 11 million Euros!!


New Restaurant

One of our local families is at the present time fitting out a new unit as a new Restaurant. Hopefully this will be open before Christmas and I will have more Information and pictures next month.


An Ode to Jim

To finish I am going to write an ode to a man, local man that has a holiday home in Alcaidesa who very recently put his life on the line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An Ode to Jim

I know a man from Belfast
Will his marriage survive and last

There is nothing he can say
Because he forgot a really big day

His wife found it very hard
Not even did he send a card

All I can do
Is to wish you

A Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary


Well that is it folks but I will be back next month hopefully with more interesting things to write about.
However, I cannot go without telling you about something else I did.
I do have three cats, one of my own that came with me to Spain and 2 strays that are now ours. Well, whilst working in an apartment we heard a strange noise, Alan (my Hubby) went to look and there all alone in a big flower planter in an empty house was a kitten around two weeks old. He could not have got in the planter himself and could not get out, so you must have guessed the end of the story. I bottle fed him and now Frankie is our new family member.
Pictures below -


Back next Month,

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