New Project between Alcaidesa and Sotogrande

The ETP provides the recovery for public use and Borondo Guadalquitón

El Periodico de Sotogrande - Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

GJ continues delving into the characteristics of the Spatial Plan of the Campo de Gibraltar, for this reason, he now seeks to explain the technical characteristics of the five areas of opportunity that provides the Plan in San Roque, making it the municipality of region with a greater number of these areas.
On this occasion, we highlight the draft Borondo-Guadalquitón, which aims to be an enclave for public use with high-quality hotel establishments.
This area encompasses 140 acres of undeveloped land in the municipality of San Roque.
Ecosystems formed by the cork Guadalquitón coastal (north) and Borondo Tooth (west and southwest), in conjunction with dune formations and the actual landscape conditions of the final stretch of the river Guadalquitón and contact with the sea through a huge area of sand on the beaches give this space a potential tourist attraction.


At the mouth of streams and Borondo Guadalquitón is located Borondo archaeological site. This stretch of beach about 3 km is not accessible at this time, for public use.
The introduction of urban land use should be made with high demands and integration in the environmental, cultural and scenic place.
The justification for this project is that it is a unique space, both for its intermediate position on two areas of tourist interest (Sotogrande and Alcaidesa), for the exceptional preservation of the cork of Guadalquitón.
The purpose of this area of opportunity is justified by the convenience of ordering the use of tourism to this area, enabling conservation of natural values, reserving land for public access to nature and the coastal landscape.
In its surroundings are located in tourist areas with high quality facilities and international prestige, so the area is raised to maintain and enhance the high level segment in the European tourist market.
Use Opportunity Area will be tourism, sports, leisure and associated commercial and residential tourism.
In the management of differentiated applications the following two areas with different management approaches:
The area located between the river and the Sotogrande Estate Guadalquitón supports only uses five-star hotel, with a combined maximum dimension of 700 seats for the entire area.
The area between the river and Guadalquitón Urbanización La Alcaidesa be taken by compact building morphologies and concentrated, and consider the integration with the public space Guadalquitón Metropolitan Park. For this zone is set a minimum number of beds in the tourism establishments which presents the principles of exclusive use and exploitation unit of 600 seats.
There should be a minimum of 30,000 m2 of buildings suitable for roof support sports and recreational activities and commercial activities related to tourism.
The residential buildings will be arranged in compact building type, with organizational and management approaches based on scenario planning maximum occupancy throughout the year. The hotels should be located so as to enjoy views of the coast and the sea.
Borondo streams, and Teeth Guadalquitón be part of the network of open spaces, with particular attention to the conservation of its banks and shores. Also, be excluded from any action those areas with tree formations with environmental value, particularly the groves of cork trees.
When 70% of the Opportunity Area has implemented all the components under development project and is running for 60% of its hotel accommodation capacity, we could begin its expansion.
Links to this action to obtain soil Borondo Metropolitan Park and the cork of Guadalquitón currently affected by a classification of undeveloped land for development (sector 01-GL). Implementation of this determination may be gradual and measured way with the development of the Opportunity Area.

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